Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Decision for No. 3

The questions started coming about a year after the girls were born: 
“So, you think you’ll ever have more?” 

At that time, I just laughed. The kind of laugh that has you rolling around on the ground with leaves in your hair. Think of having more?? Not any time soon. Like maybe sometime in the next decade. 

Over the next three years, the answer slowly evolved into “Yes, we have thought about it, but aren’t quite ready yet.” 

And then “Yeah, I think we want another, but we aren’t rushing things.” 

And finally, just to ourselves, we answered “Yes, yes, yes!” 

And then a few months down the road, during a particularly challenging month for the four of us, “No, no, nooooooooooo.” 

Needless to say, we bounced back to “yes, yes, yes!” 

And crossed our fingers for just one this time. 

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