Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Goodnight, Sleep Less Tight

For the entirety of the girls’ lives, I have checked on them each night before I go to bed. I cover them up, untangle their arms from the sheets, remove their books and whisper I love yous. 

This summer as I continued this nightly check, I noticed their little toes were hanging off the bed. And yes, they were still in toddler beds. 

I know, I know. They are five. But inertia plus my own indecisiveness led to still having toddler beds at the age of five. 

I knew it was time (or past time). So, I started brainstorming ideas. Bunk beds, loft beds, connected twin beds, regular twin beds. I finally settled on regular twin beds. 

It’s a bit of a tight squeeze, but they fit and the girls LOVE their new big girl beds. 

Scott’s a fan, too.

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