Friday, February 5, 2010

Babies' Day Out

We took our first trip to the store with the girls yesterday. It was our first outing to somewhere other than the doctor. Here's a quick rundown of the experience:

12:30 Feed babies.
12:45 Feed adults.
1:00 Strap babies into car seats (despite their very vocal objections).
1:05 Start my car.
1:10 Turn off my car. The stroller won't fit. The trunk may or may not have been full of too much junk.
1:15 Start Scott's car.
1:20 Attempt to install bases in his car.
1:23 Scott swears in frustration.
1:26 Scott slams base down.
1:30 Scott's head explodes.
1:40 Bases finally locked in.
1:45 Load babies in car and head out.
2:00 Arrive at grocery store.
2:05 Hit by ton of bricks (Did we seriously just bring the screamer into public? THE SCREAMER. Ya know, where other people can hear her and wonder to themselves what these parents are doing to this poor little girl??)
2:10 Spend the next 25 minutes praying she stays asleep just a little longer.
2:45 Phew. Made it. No screaming.
2:50 Head home.
3:05 Arrive home, unload babies and drop to the floor.

Taking two babies out to buy 11 things at the grocery store is a lot more work than you would think. Note to self: Let's not do that again.

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