Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Pleasant Surprise

(To those faint of heart: you're about to read about poop. BABY POOP.)

Every day that goes by these girls keep showing us exactly how different they are.

Claire, lovingly referred to as McPoops Alot, lives up to her nickname quite well. Grace, on the other hand, really seems to struggle with the whole process.

Our doctor said it's quite normal for babies to poop as much as multiple times a day or as little as every 48 hours. For the most part, Grace has chosen the latter.

This past week, things started to get a little worrisome. It had been about 4 days since she last left us a "surprise" and she was being extra fussy. (Which for Grace, finding the time for the extra means she was now crying while hungry, eating, full, tired, rested, awake, asleep, I could go on and on). So, being the new parents we are, and not really having a clue what we're doing, we called the doctor.

He had us come in and did some pushing around to make sure there weren't any traffic jams, and sent us on our way with the diagnosis that all babies are different.

So, we waited. And waited. We're now up to 6 days since she last pooped. At each changing, we rock, paper, scissors to decide who will change her. Because by this time, we're expecting a shock and awe campaign of poop the likes of which the world has yet to see.

Another 24 hours go by. Still nothing.

Now it's Wednesday afternoon and Grandma is coming over to play. The girls are a little sleepy, but you can tell they are glad to see her. In fact, Grace was so excited, she even left her a surprise.


Sue Ann Seel said...

Just call Granny. I can get things done by golly!

Unknown said...

Poop stories, love it! (Julie Mah)