Monday, July 26, 2010

Camp Out

My family has a long tradition of "roughing it" every summer. And by roughing it, I mean my mom packs the car full of everything you could possibly ever need on a camping trip and lugs it out to the lake with us. And as much as we tease her about it, it never fails that we need that one random thing that no one should ever need on a camp out.

"Hey, Mom, you didn't happen to bring the electric tree trimmer, did you?"

"Sure did!"

So, when the question came up whether Scott and I and babies were going on the annual camping trip, we were feeling brave. On one condition. That we rent a cabin — somewhere to make bottles and somewhere for the girls to be out of the heat.

It went so much better than I ever expected. The girls ate well (mostly), slept well (kinda) and giggled all weekend.

P.S. Happy seven months, baby girls!!


H.E.A. said...

I am SOOOOO glad you got to enjoy a trip! YAY!!

Unknown said...

It looks like in Grace's picture that she's wearing a tiny version of Scott's hat :)

Amy said...

haha, great pics!! Love it! It is so crazy how Claire looks just like Scott and Grace looks exactly like you!!