Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Caption Contest: July 7

We provide the picture. You write a caption (in the comments section below). The winner will be showered with fame and glory. Ready. Set. Go!


  1. Claire: My tummy hurts...

    Grace: I told you not to eat all those cookies. Now I've gotta go get mom...I'm not Lassie ya know!

  2. Claire: Servant, servant come roll me over.
    Grace: Yeah, servant, hurry you could be rolling her over instead of taking our picture.

  3. Grace: Quick hide it Mom's coming.
    Claire: I will just pretend like I am tired of holding myself up.

  4. Claire: I am worn out from tummy time.
    Grace: I just started tummy time. I am still good.

  5. Grace: Move along, folks, nothin' to see here. Move along.

    Claire: I never know when to quit with the bottle.