Monday, July 5, 2010

Rain, Rain Stay As Long As You Want

I know I'm in the minority. Most of you are cursing the rain. The third straight rainy day. Not me.

Ok, truth be told, I'm cursing it a bit. But only because of my own laziness. We noticed there was a leak near the skylight a week or so ago and that every time it rains, the ceiling melts off a little more. Yikes.

But mostly I welcome rainy days. Cloudy, dark, pitter-patter days.

Maybe I'll have some time to fix the ceiling now.

1 comment:

Amy said...

oh these pics just melt my heart! Aren't they so precious when they sleep :) I agree the rain HAS made for some good naps for my little one as well, she has taken some pretty long naps the last 3 days, too bad my older kid didn't get the memo to do the same thing, so I couldn't really enjoy it!