Tuesday, May 10, 2011


When I was in middle school, it was popular to pass notes to your friends during class.

"Can u believe he just said that?!?"

"I know. What a loser."

"N-E-Way, whatcha doin after school?"

"Nuttin', u?

And at the end of the note, we would sign it, LYLAS … love you like a sister.

At the time, I couldn't wrap my mind around why we would sign it like that. I mean, my sister and I fought all the time. Clothes, toys, what channel the TV was on. And some of those fights were brutal.

But I assumed that when I signed it LYLAS, it didn't actually mean to punch my friend in the stomach and take off running to the nearest hiding place. I think that was a safe assumption.

I have a point here, I swear.

This weekend, my sister-in-law Heather stopped by with her girls (my lovely nieces, Bella & Cambri) and I watched a level of interaction between my girls and her girls that I had never witnessed before.

Bella was interested in playing with Claire and Grace, and they responded to that, which I think made her even more interested in them.

And the girls were fascinated with Cambri.

It got me thinking (and hoping) that someday these girls will be super close. That they will all cheer for each other, look out for each other and be there for each other. And maybe sign their texts LYLAS.

P.S. Right before I posted this, I saw Heather's blog, which coincidentally is about the same topic. How bizarre is that? It must be true ... great minds think a like.

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