Tuesday, May 31, 2011

R&R Part I: Getting There

Our fourth anniversary was approaching and we knew we could use a couple of days to rejuvenate. So we called up the rents and asked if they could stay the weekend. We headed to Kansas City for a three-day, two-night, baby-free adventure. It was full of ups and downs and many, many people dressed as pirates. But it was a weekend I won't forget any time soon.

Packing for a trip with two sick one-year-olds who don't understand why you aren't paying attention to them is a nightmare. They didn't want to go to Dad. They just wanted me. To sit down. Read a book. Listen to me play piano. Hold this doll. No, no, don't move. Just sit there and wait until I'm ready to play with you.

The moment I moved to start packing again, the tears came, the screams came -- they wanted my undivided attention.

After fighting that cycle for about an hour, I finally gave up packing. Which may explain why I only brought two shirts for a three-day stay and forgot deodorant.

We eventually got out of the house, said our (my) tearful goodbyes and hit the road. About half way there, we realized we didn't exactly know where we're going.

Thanks to a very helpful father in law and his iPhone, we got back on track.

We drove up and the hotel employee notified us that it will cost $15 to park. PER DAY. $20 if we wanted to spring for valet. Good golly, Miss Molly.

We checked in, handed over both an arm and a leg and hit the elevator.

After a steep 38-floor climb, this was our view.

Stress = dominated.

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Forsythe Family said...

Wow-- Crown Center, nice.