Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Better Late Than Never

So, I rolled up to the bank drive-thru yesterday at 5:59 p.m.

I know. 5:59. That's pretty close to closing time. But hear me out. My car payment was due on the 19th. Of February. It's now March, and for 10 straight days I have forgotten to drop it off. But yesterday, I remembered.

Before I divulge what happened when I got there, let me give you some background. I pay most of our bills online, but ever since we got this car loan, I've dropped it at the bank. It's on my way to work, so it was never a problem. Enter babies here.

This would be the second consecutive month that I was late paying our car payment. It's not that I didn't have the money. Or the desire. (Well, maybe a little of that). It's that I have TWINS. I'm exhausted. Most days I live in a hazy version of this world. What day is it? What year? Who am I? MUST - FEED - BABIES. And dropping off that payment has been a casualty of the war these babes are waging against my sanity.

Until yesterday. So, I roll up, with a big ol' grin on my face. Looky what I brought you little bank people! They will be so pleased to finally be getting this check! But then I see the teller look at her teller friend and roll her eyes.

Oh. No. You. Just. Didn't.

Do you know what my brain had to go through to remember to drop this off?
It fought through formulababiesdiaperscryingworkscottbabiesdinnerlaundrydiapersfeedingbabiesscottpoopyfussybassinetdiaperssleepchoresworkbabiesformulababiesdiaperscryingworkscottbabiesdinnerlaundrydiapersfeedingbabiesscottpoopyfussybassinetdiaperssleepchoresworkbabiesformulababiesdiaperscryingworkscottbabiesdinnerlaundrydiapersfeedingbabiesscottpoopyfussybassinetdiaperssleepchoresworkbabies just to get this godforsaken check to you.

So, I wait at the window. She comes over and in just that voice says, "The night deposit is right behind you."

5:59!!! I still have 60 seconds! My anger is bubbling. Can't she see what it took to get this check here? I'm sacrificing precious moments with my babies to bring this to you, lady. Frustrated and furious, I do what any exhausted mother who spends her days worrying about poop does: I smile and say "Thanks, have a good day!"


April said...

While I don't have even one baby, let alone 2, I can somewhat sympathize. The girl working the checkout at Target today was super nice and I seriously felt like I had won the lottery.

Amy said...

Katie you are too sweet, I would have let her have it!!!!