Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weapons of Minor Destruction

How can someone so small and delicate leave your neck looking like a cat's scratching post?

This is how...

It's time. Time to get out the clippers and trim those talons. Ready. Set. STOP! Ok, I can do this. Just very carefully put these EXTREMELY SHARP blades near the very delicate fingers of my precious baby.

Breathe. Ready. Set. STOP! What if I cut them too far down? What if I make her bleed? What kind of Mom makes her child bleed!?!?

Ok, really. Ready. Set. Clip. Breathe. Clip. Breathe. Clip.

It sounds so easy. Just clip the nails, right?

It's the most nerve-racking experience I could ever imagine. Well, except letting Scott do it.

He tried. I stole the clippers from him before he got to the first nail.

This just requires more precision than he brings to the table.

Thankfully, the nail clippers come with a magnifying glass. Now if only they'd come with something to calm my irrational fears of mutilating my children.


April said...

It's ok! I won't trim my cats' nails for the same reason and they're just cats.

Tara said...

The trick is to clip their nails while they are asleep.