Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Boonies

We live in the boonies. About 20 minutes from everything. Which I guess isn't exactly the boonies, but close enough.

For most of the time we have lived out here, I have loved it. The solitude. The privacy. The smell of cows. Ok, maybe not that part.

It has really been a great place to live. But ever since these girls have come, I have thought on more than a few occasions, couldn't we just live closer? When I first started back to work, I'm sure I trimmed that drive to at least 16 minutes (all legally, of course). I couldn't get home fast enough.

Every doctor's appointment, trip to the bank and formula run, we have to factor in a 20-minute drive. And when you're short on time and energy, 20 minutes can seem like an eternity.

But that mindset changed this weekend. As we went for a walk with the girls in the beautiful, albeit windy, weather, I saw this:

As I was looking at this picturesque country scene, I imagined two little girls riding their bikes up and down a gravel road, two little girls sitting under a tree reading books, two little girls catching fireflies with the stars shining above.

Maybe the boonies aren't so bad after all.


April said...

It will be a really good place for them to grow up. I lived past 101st and Wannamaker forever. It was hell driving to the city, or planning to meet friends, and not to mention the planning we had to do when we wanted to buy groceries. Still, I wouldn't trade for anything the sledding, hiking, goofing around, and whatever else I did with my brothers out there in the boonies.

Anonymous said...

You are a good writer.

The girls will love it.

Plus that house is great for parties!