Monday, March 22, 2010


It's goopy. It's green. And it's leaking from Claire's eye. At least it was.

We had our first experience with baby illness last week. And it was gross. It started as an extra leaky eye. I say extra leaky because Claire has always been a little leaky. But I can say, with confidence, that this was extra leaky.

Then it turned green. Then it started gooping in the corner of her eye. Then it matted her eye shut. By this time, panic was setting in as I was imagining how much more of this mean, green goop Claire could handle.

I knew keeping preemies healthy (especially preemies who were born in the season of sick) was going to be a challenge. But thank goodness for these little ones, they were born to an overprotective mother. Someday, they'll thank me for it. And someday, they'll hate me for it. Probably the hating first.

The doc said it was nothing serious and prescribed some eye drops for her. Wait. Eye drops!?! You want me to put eye drops in my infant's eye? In her EYE?? How in the world could one be successful at this task?

But Claire, being Claire, has taken it like a trooper. And all I can think is, I'm glad it wasn't The Screamer.


Unknown said...

Katharine's eyes have been exactly like that since she was born! They are crusted shut almost every morning although have been some better. The eye drops have helped some but they don't want to keep medicating her. Her tear ducts are blocked/closed. She's going to see a pediatric opthamologist next week to get checked to see when/if she'll have to have a minor surgery to open them up. She does well with the eye drops if we trick her. She HATES having her eyes wiped clean though.

Anonymous said...

Katie, are you nursing? If so, express a bit of breastmilk into a small spoon and drip a drop or 2 of that into the eye as often as you like. For doesn't sting or burn and is 100% tolerated by the body. You know, that booby milk kills bacteria and is one of the reasons breast feeding is so good for infants. Scott's old German teacher, Debbie