Monday, April 19, 2010

A $7 Miracle

Sway left. Sway right. Sway left. Sway right. Pat. Pat. Pat. Repeat.

This is the routine that Claire and I go through almost every morning as she struggles to fall asleep. You can tell she's tired. She's sending all the signals — a little fussy, yawning, limp arms and legs. But she can't seem to soothe herself to sleep. So, without the luxury of a swing, I sway back and forth until her eyelids close. And then for at least another five minutes to make sure she's really asleep.

Sway left. Sway right.

I'm a human swing. And it's breaking my back.

We meant to buy one before the girls were born. But we didn't. And now I'm paying for it — two advil at a time.

Sway right. Sway left. Sway right.

But this weekend, I was on a mission. My Mom, Dad and I go to this HUGE consignment sale every spring. On Saturday, we drove up about five minutes before the sale opened. And there were already about 200 people in line. Ugh. But as soon as we hit the front door, we rushed in. Two swings left. One looked like a pit bull had been snacking on it. The other looked like this:


Is it fancy? No.

Does it sway side to side? No.

But does it soothe Claire? You betcha.

That's what I call a $7 miracle.


Gina said...

I love it!!

Amy said...

TOTAL LIFESAVERS!!! was it little britches you went to? my sister amber worked there all weekend and said she got a ton of clothes for harper....gotta love aunties!!