Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I'm about to get personal. Really personal. Enter at your own risk.

About four weeks ago, I got a call from my OB/GYN. My pap smear results were back. And they weren't normal. They stressed they weren't "abnormal." But they weren't normal either. So, we scheduled an appointment to retest them.

At the next appointment, about two weeks ago, the doctor was throwing out statistics about the likelihood of my new test coming back as "abnormal." Throwing out words like dysplasia. Which when googled, I saw, "Left untreated, dysplasia sometimes progresses to an early form of cancer."


I asked the doctor when we would know the results. 7-10 days. 7-10 days!?!?! I can't possibly wait that long.

But I waited. And waited. And cried. And worried. And waited. And spent hours lying awake wondering what I would do if it came back "abnormal." Scared, not for myself, but for these beautiful, happy, innocent little girls.

This morning I got the call. The results were normal.

Relief. So. Much. Relief.

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Cassie said...

Holy shoot, Kate. You scared the poop out of me.
That's so scary. But I'm so happy that they came back normal.
No more scary blog posts.