Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nerd farm

I'm sure most parents think their children are the funniest, cutest, most precious babes on the block. But we're cornering the market on the smartest. That's right. I said it. We're going to have baby geniuses.

Each night when we put them to sleep (in their own room), we turn on the classical music. We've all heard the studies proving the effects of listening to classical music as a baby. And then there's the hard evidence collected by Scott during a fourth-grade science experiment involving genres of music and plants (How do Plants Rock and Grow, 1993). So, already, our girls are on track to being intelligent.

But I know what you're thinking. A lot of parents play classical music for their babies. How do you expect to have the smartest babies?? Here's our secret weapon:


Every morning when I walk in to get the girls, the evening's classical music has been replaced by the soothing voices of NPR's Morning Edition. The babies are getting the exclusive on the recently formed interim government in Kyrgyzstan or the arms treaty just signed between the U.S. and Russia.

So, do we have the cutest, funniest babies? I think so. But will we have the smartest babies? I'd bet our newly signed arms treaty on it.

(Editor's note: The preceeding blog was tongue-in-cheek. We're really not THAT arrogant.)

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Carrie said...

Oh yes you are:) I can be your resident expert. Dr. Carrie Lane agrees that based on scientific evidence there is no reason to disagree with the conclusion that these babies will be geniuses and actually already are.