Monday, April 12, 2010

Suckers Anonymous

We suck.


These girls are like Hoover vacuums when it comes to their thumbs. They found their hands awhile ago, but finally mastered the whole thumb-in-the-mouth thing last week. They are like addicts looking for their fix. Once they get the thumb in there, everything is right in their world again.

It makes me a little nervous. What if they are 14, having sleepovers and still sucking their thumbs? What's a mom to do?

I can't take their thumbs away. Not that I really want to. It soothes them, and who doesn't want that for their little one?

So, we'll just go on sucking. And hopefully, someday — preferably before they are 14 and need an intervention — they will choose to stop.

1 comment:

H.E.A. said...

I'm pretty sure I sucked my thumb for a good long while. And I never had braces, wet the bed, or weird mommy issues (that I know of... :) )

I think they'll be just fine!! And I'm sure you both enjoy those quiet moments when they soothe themselves :)