Monday, May 17, 2010

Cats Rule, Dogs Drool ... literally

On Thursday, my cat Rocko turned five years old. And when I say my cat, I mean my cat. Scott has disowned our little buddy. So, in honor of the birth of my first baby, I give you this.

Top 10 reasons cats are better than dogs (at least our dogs):

10. They are clean freaks. Rocko "takes" at least four baths a day. And occasionally forces our other cat Lily to take one, too.
9. They purr when you pet them.
8. They will cuddle on your lap. Ya, ya, I know some dogs cuddle. But imagine this curling up in your lap:

7. They will catch the mice, spiders, flies, drawstrings, Christmas trees, in your house. And then leave them at the door as a gift.
6. They are mostly independent.
5. They have personality. Yes, it may be annoying, but it's uniquely annoying.
4. If you forget to set your alarm, they won't let you forget to wake up. EVEN ON SATURDAY.
3. When they need to go to the vet, there is no worry they are going to scratch your leather interior because they are too friggin' big to fit into a carrier.
2. When they are mad at you, they will poop in the bathtub — not on the carpet. Would a dog ever be that thoughtful in her vengeance?
1. They will love you forever even when you bring two babies home and ignore them for four months ... and counting.

Happy Birthday, little buddy!


April said...

Happy Birthday, Rocko! #4 is SERIOUSLY true at my house.

Carrie said...

Why did Scott disown him? If anything he should disown Izzy. She totally destroys house and home and then runs away from home. Rocko is just a lover and should be loved:) Happy B-day Rocko Taco!

Sue Ann Seel said...

I love all my and cats and dogs and kids