Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Girl Talk

I know they are coming. And there is no way to stop them.

The fights. Fights over toys. Clothes. Food. Blankets/stuffed animals. Pets. Seats in the car. Chores. TV. Clothes. Friends. Boyfriends. Space. Money. Sharing. Opening gifts. Books. Did I mention clothes? All sisters fight. Add in the fact that they are the same age, and we will be battling twice as much.

This is a part of life. One I'm mentally trying to prepare for. But I'm hoping that with a bit of luck and some loving guidance, in between the fighting will be moments like this:


  1. Awe!!

    My sister and I never were very close growing up because of the age difference and the fighting was ridiculous...

    BUT now we really are working on an amazing friendship. That bond is something quite incredible!

  2. I have triplet grandchildren. 1 girl and 2 boys. When they were crawling they climbed all over one another and the girl was dominate most of the time. It was cute until they started chewing on one another like puppies. Your girls are real cuties. A friend of Sue.

  3. That is so awesome -- melts my heart! They are adorable!

  4. Oh my goodness! More videos! More videos! They are adorable.