Monday, May 3, 2010

Tag Team of Torture

This has to be short. I'm currently being tortured. Slowly, methodically tortured. I'm guessing this is some sort of experiment to test how I withstand extreme distress and sleep deprivation.

If they found out I was writing this blog ... shhh! I think they are stirring.

I watched as her eyelids fell heavy. I thought I was in the clear. Finally, a moment of quiet. And then BAM! The other lets out a deep-belly cry from the next room.

They have been doing this for days. Taking turns torturing. Understandably. It must be exhausting to have someone hold you, rock you, walk with you, feed you, burp you, hold you, sway you, pat your back. Of course you need a break from that. But for the past couple of days, it was one on one. Team Parent vs. Team Baby. We were evenly matched.

But now I'm outnumbered. And I think they smell the fear.

1 comment:

H.E.A. said...

My eyebrows raised in sheer amazement that you're still alive and kicking!!

Good luck Super Mom!!