Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Motherhood Survival Kit

The number one question people ask me when they find out I have twins is, "Aren't you tired?"

Tired? Nah.

Exhausted, bleary, drained, wearied, frazzled, spent, depleted? Absolutely. Here are few must-haves for any new mom.

1. A good ballcap.
When a shower is just out of the question, a good ballcap will get your through. Worried about the smell? See below.

2. Febreeze & deodorant.
When you don't have time to actually freshen up.

3. An electric razor.
Summer is approaching fast, which means you can't hide your hairy legs under your jeans any longer. A quick touchup is in order — break out the electric razor.

4. Toenail polish.
When your toenails are looking dingy and the polish is starting to chip, another coat will give you a few more days.

5. A ponytail holder. Or 13.
When styling your hair gets outranked by a screaming baby.

It's all about the shortcuts. What we used to spend hours perfecting, we now have to squeeze into 10 minutes. Be advised though, if you see a mom in a ballcap and a wrinkled shirt, you may not want to stand too close.

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