Thursday, August 5, 2010

Conspiracy Theory

I may be paranoid. I may be crazy. Or both.

But I'm fairly certain my children are plotting against me.

After six long months of crying while she ate, I finally figured out what was wrong with Grace. Only to turn around and have Claire start crying while eating. Seriously? I fix one of you and then the other breaks? But then we found out Claire had a massively sore throat, so I let that one go.

But this time ... this time is different.

Grace is a phenomenal sleeper. Not a good sleeper. Not a great sleeper. A phenomenal sleeper. She will fall asleep within minutes of laying down. And she will stay asleep for more than an hour at each nap time and for 10 hours over night. This is what saved her from being sold at auction during that whole six long months of crying.

And Claire, as I've mentioned before, sucked at sleeping. She couldn't put herself to sleep and she couldn't stay asleep. But then miraculously, not too long ago, she learned how to do it. She started being able to fall asleep, and her naps were lasting longer than 45 minutes.

Oh, how lovely! Now, maybe, with both girls sleeping, I can get some work done around here!!

Yeah. Right.

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