Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What It's Like to be a Ginger

I have red hair. I'm pale. And I have freckles. Scott calls me a ginger. It's a term of endearment. I think.

I spent a majority of my teenage years wishing I wasn't so fair skinned. When all of my friends wanted to lay out at the pool, I cringed at the thought of sitting under the sizzling sun. I knew I would burn within minutes. Sometimes I would blister. And that's with 50 SPF sunscreen.

I was a very sensitive child.

And I gave birth to two more. They are still pretty bald, but the fuzz on their heads is red. And their skin is pale. I know what their future holds. Sunscreen, hats, shade trees. Sunburns, blisters, Aloe Vera.

As for now, when they go outside, they are well protected by a Mom who knows what it's like to be a ginger.


LBailey said...

Fellow gingers unite! Does Scott ever try to claim that you also don't have a soul? Trevor calls me a soulless ginger all the time thanks to South Park.

Cassie said...

Remind Scott you're not the only one that carries the 'Ginger' gene. His red facial hair is proof of that.

Unknown said...

you can't have Ginger offspring without both parents carrying the blessed Ginger Gene - good on you both :)