Sunday, August 29, 2010


Family. Friends. Fun.

That was our weekend.

Oh, yeah. And mice. But more on that tomorrow.

In a two-day span, the girls played with four grandparents, one great-grandparent, a cousin, three friends, two kids and one baby. When we put them to sleep Sunday evening, they were exhausted. Being popular takes a toll.

But the whole weekend got me thinking about the importance of family. Families give you a lift when your car breaks down. Families mow your grass when you just can't find the time. Families watch your babies so you can have a night off. Families eat, drink and be merry with you on your birthday. But most importantly, families fill you with love. A deep, unbreakable, unconditional love.

Forget the heirlooms. And the family recipes. And the inheritance (ha. ha. ha.) If there is one thing I want our girls to know, it's love.

But I'm guessing they already do.

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Cassie said...

aww, now I'm really sad that I had to work and do school stuff :(