Monday, August 23, 2010

A Moment In Time

We took a road trip this weekend with the girls. Headed to my brother's house to barbecue with my family. We ate. We laughed. We hugged. It was the kind of gathering that makes you so thankful for your family.

And on the way home, I had a moment. A moment where I was so filled with happiness, I was sure it was oozing out of my ears.

The girls were in the back seat snoozing away. Scott was in the passenger seat snoozing away. And I was driving, listening to the Garden State soundtrack and looking out at the beautiful fields of eastern Kansas. And the road, of course.

Then something started bubbling inside of me. I started thinking about how good my life is. How great my life is. How at this very moment I have everything that I could ever want. And the tears just started rolling.

I know there will be moments of disappointment. And sadness. And fear. I know there will be heartache that I cannot even begin to imagine.

But yesterday, life was perfect. And for that, I'm eternally thankful.


  1. now you made me cry. LIfe is good, isn't it.

  2. That is wonderful! I also would like to take this time to add a caption to the picture because it is so darn cute!

    Grace - You look like someone I know...
    Claire - I wonder who that could be?

  3. Such a "mom" comment. But one thing is for sure, we mom's have the richest blessings one can imagine, we just have have to remember to drink in those moments when they are so greatly displayed to us. Those are the times when I tell my oldest "my heart is so full, it is growing just like the grinch" So happy for you Katie!

  4. So, was it perfect? There wasn't anything that could have improved it?? I mean it was probably near perfect...but wasn't something missing??

  5. Gracie: Seriously, you are going to pout again?
    Claire: yes I am.......

  6. I have a comment too!!

    Grace: C'mon show me the tooth...PLEASE!!!
    Claire: Nope not gonna...

  7. Carrie --
    You're right. I thought about mentioning it, but I just wasn't sure it was appropriate. We were definitely missing ... more dessert! Funny? No? Okay. We missed you too!!