Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Backpedal

Check out this exersaucer. Pretty sweet, right?

It bounces. It spins. It rocks. And it's full of cool toys.

My girls love it. But here's the weird part. This is their favorite thing.

The snack tray. They play with all of the other toys, too, but they just keep coming back to the snack tray.

Remember when I said this? Um.Yeah. Well. About that.

**Editor's Note: To the future Grace and Claire who may end up reading this post ... you might wonder if your mother just called you dumb. She did. But she was only kidding!! She thinks your brilliant. And a little weird.


Aunt Carrie said...

They aren't dumb. My little nieces know where the food goes. They want their Mama to put them some yummy food in that little snack tray. They are probably thinking "Where are the snacks?? Snack trays should have snacks!"

Katie said...

Haha, yes, I had this thought, too. :)

Scott said...

Dog food bowl.

H.E.A. said...

Oh goodness...

You know they totally ARE going to read this.

And then you're going to want to hit yourself in the forehead cause they will have already invented something even cooler than the exersaucer and proven you wrong :)

Sue Ann Seel said...

See what Scott said, and then go figure........we are proud of weird in our house right Scott?