Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Crabby Claire

Oh boy, have we had some cranky babies lately. Grace has been off and on, but Claire has been a complete mess.

She'll bring me a book and "ask" me to read it, then when I go to read it, she snatches it back, screams and then throws it at me.

Earlier today, she saw me coming down the hallway and slammed her bedroom door in my face.

Yesterday, she brought me her socks and "asked" me to put them on. I sat down next to her and said "Do you want your socks on?" "Ya," she replied. She handed me the socks, but as I went to put them on her feet, she started kicking violently and screaming at me.

How dare I try to put those socks on her feet!!

I'm guessing it's teeth, but I leave open the possibility that she's having an emotional growth spurt.

Or maybe she's hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Either way, I'm ready to have my sweet, giggly, kissy-faced little girl back.

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