Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Sleep Miracle

What I'm about to do is so very risky.

I've avoided doing it for about six months.

It's not that I didn't want you to know.

I did.


For months upon months, you endured, persisted, survived with me.

So, I'm going to take a deep breath, cross my fingers and just spit it out. Because I owe it to you.

Here goes nothing …

Claire no longer has sleep problems.

These new jobs have done so many great things for us, but maybe the most miraculous is Claire's napping.

As I'm sure you remember -- I don't think I'll ever forget -- right before Christmas, I was digging deep into my bag of tricks to get that girl to fall asleep, and she was digging into her bag of tricks to fight me.

I was so close to insanity, I could feel it brushing against my cheek.

Each day at nap time, I was a tense ball of fear and panic. Would she cry today? Would she scream? How long? Will I have to rock her? Will she scream and try to get out of my arms? Will she wake Grace? Will she be a cranky mess later?

It was awful. I cannot begin to describe to you in words how awful nap time was around here.

But then, a knight in shining K-State garb rode up and saved me.

A few days before it happened, I was texting my good friend Jennifer and she said "Hey, why don't you let Scott give it a try?"

That idea floated around in my head for a few days. I was nervous to relinquish control. Nervous she wouldn't take a nap at all.

But then one January day, I was at my wits' end. The child wasn't going to sleep. I was pulling my hair out. And I said -- "Please, please try with her."

And he did. And it worked. And it's worked every day since.

And now, even when he's not here, she goes to sleep for me, too.

For those parents who have good sleepers -- count your lucky stars.

And for those who have Claires -- I'll keep my fingers crossed that you find your sleep miracle.

P.S. Karma if you could spare me this one time, I'll owe ya one.

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