Monday, August 17, 2015

24 Hours

I know what you’re thinking. 

Are we really talking about kindergarten again?? Won’t she ever stop?

The answer is yes, of course I will. 

About this time next year. When I start talking about first grade instead. 

I kid, I kid. I really will stop talking about kindergarten soon. But it’s occupying so much of my head space right now that I need to talk it out. 

The other day, I was looking around at the messy house and thought “Oh, don’t worry, Katie. You can get everything in order next week when the girls are at school all day.” Then I felt immediate sadness. 

I’m ping-ponging between all these emotions: sadness, joy, panic, relief, excitement, nervousness. In the last few days, I’ve just decided I want it to hurry up already so I can move out of this emotional limbo. 

The good news is tomorrow is the first day. But that’s also the sad news, the scary news, the exciting news, the shocking news and the thrilling news. 

Only 24 hours to go. 

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