Wednesday, August 12, 2015

On The Catwalk

We went school shopping with the girls a couple of weekends ago. 

I always loved school shopping as a kid— the anticipation of a new year, the excitement of new clothes and school supplies (especially new crayons, am I right?) — and I was so excited to share that with them. While school supply shopping was less fun (a crying Henry had much to do with that), clothes shopping was a blast. They loved picking out their own stuff and were thrilled to hit the fitting rooms with their finds. 

But the real fun came once we got home. Scott was on Henry duty while the girls shopped, so we decided a fashion show was in order. Their poses were hilarious — I have no idea where they learned all of that, but what they said as they walked on their imaginary runway had us cracking up.

Claire was the first one on the “runway,” and we hear Grace whisper-yell to her “Claire, do a pose!!”

As Grace is putting on a pair of jeggings that I semi-forced her to buy (if they weren't pink or sparkly, she pretty much denied them): 

     Grace: Daddy’s going to tell everyone I’m a laughing stock!
     Me: Why? What do you mean? 
     Grace: Because of these pants — I look like a farmer! 

After I complimented some of Grace’s accessories, she said “Claire helped me. I look AMAZING.” 

And as I was telling them to wrap things up because it was bedtime, Grace responds “But Mom, we have a lot of fashion to do!” 

These little fashionistas picked out their runway wardrobes and created those poses: 

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