Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Her Moment

Remember me? I'm still here. It's just been a busy week.

I have loads to tell you, but I'll start with the most important. You better sit down for this one.

Last Friday Grace took a step.




Right after she took it, she looked at me like, "Whoa, did you just see that!?" And then she turned around and stuck her tongue out at Claire. Seriously, she did.

There was a period of time that I worried Grace would never roll or crawl or pull herself up. For months, it was Claire did this and Claire did that. And it made my heart ache for my little girl who was getting left behind. But she eventually caught up, and even though Claire did all of those things first, I was still so stinkin' proud of her. Proud of both of them, actually.

But finally, this moment belongs to Grace.

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Clare said...

So sweet, go Grace!