Wednesday, December 8, 2010

O' Christmas Tree, Part II

For Part I in our adventurous Christmas tree series, click here.

So, we pick out our tree, call the young fellas over to "chop" it down and pay the nice old man his $35.

The young fellas throw it on top of the car and tie it down. The old man, presumably their grandfather, is instructing them where to tie it and how to tie it.

We hop in the car and head on down the road. Scott turns on the hazard lights and we toodle along a good 25 mph under the speed limit. We open up the sunroof to keep an eye on the tree and that's when I dramatically say, "Oh crap! The tree is sliding off the car!!"

We pull over. I hop out and discover that the young fellas didn't tighten the rope enough.

Here I am, on the side of the highway, dodging passing cars, trying to find a way to secure this tree when a brand new F-HUGE50 pulls up behind us. A nice older woman, wearing a John Deere stocking cap and Carhartt coveralls, gets out of the driver's side and offers some extra rope.

Together, we tighten the rope, add more rope and she ties some wicked knots.

We drive the rest of the way home with no problems.

So, yeah, girls rock.

Check back tomorrow for Part Three "Decorating The Tree ... Claire, Put That Down!!"

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Unknown said...

The young dudes put the tree on backwards.