Tuesday, December 7, 2010

O' Christmas Tree, Part I

Last year, we bought a Christmas tree, lugged it home, removed it from the car and left it in the garage. Where it stayed. For about three months.

I was nearly 35 weeks pregnant and bringing the tree in to decorate was not on the top of my priority list. I was much too busy doing things like napping, eating a snickers, napping, peeing, eating some cherry pie, napping some more.

We found out on a Tuesday that I was being induced on a Saturday, which I was pretty stoked about considering I was uber uncomfortable all the time. And Christmas was on a Friday, so we would celebrate then have babies the next day. It was all going to work out perfectly!

My family was driving here for Christmas (since I couldn't travel) and I knew they would help me bring my tree in and decorate it.

Or not.

Cue the blizzard. And when I say blizzard, I'm not exaggerating about a large accumulation of snow. I mean an actual blizzard. As in, the meteorologists were calling it a blizzard.

My family was stuck at home, and we drove in to Scott's parents house, which was closer to the hospital, and holed up there until the big day.

And our poor Christmas tree sat naked, cold and lonely in our garage.

But this year, we have made amends.

It was the girls' first trip to pick out a Christmas tree, and other than being a little cold, they loved it.

Check back tomorrow for Part Two "Oh, Crap! The Tree Is Sliding Off The Car!!"

And I really mean tomorrow, I swear.

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