Thursday, December 2, 2010

Little Sister

This is Cassie.

She's my sister. And she's adorable.

She is also a very talented and skilled individual. This I know. What I didn't know was that she is also a baby whisperer. Or more accurately, a Gracie whisperer.

She's been busy with college and working, so we haven't seen her nearly as much as I would have liked this semester.

That, combined with the massive stranger danger the girls have been experiencing lately, led me to expect some resistance on Thanksgiving.

But it took Grace about 6.2 seconds to decide that she found her long-lost best friend. And while it took Claire a bit longer to warm up, she eventually came around.

Whenever Cassie would leave the room, Grace would reach out to her and cry. And whenever Cassie returned to the room, Grace would squeal and bounce up and down, and then make a beeline for her lap. It was so sweet.

When having just one free hand is a luxury, I was grateful for the breather. It gave me a chance to do things like cook and clean and eat a piece (or three) of pie.

And it gave Grace a chance to snuggle with her BFF.


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H.E.A. said...

I am almost 100% positive that Aunts have a special talent...not that I'm biased or anything :)