Thursday, December 23, 2010


Our new dishwasher was installed yesterday. It took approximately 11 seconds to "do" dishes, and now I am enjoying a little relaxation. Something I haven't had much of lately.

I'd like to take this opportunity to get you caught up on the latest twin happenings. Except I'm stuck.

I have so much to tell that none of it is coming together coherently.

So, I'm just sitting here. I finally have the time and the energy to write a blog for you, but my mind is blank. I type something. Delete it. Type something else. Delete. So, instead of forcing the issue, I'm just going to shower you with baby pictures from this week.

Mom. Seriously. Take Off The Snowman Pants.

Hit And Run

But Officer, I Swear It Was An Accident!

Permission To Destroy?

The Short End Of The Stick

Must. Have. Present.

You Can't Resist This Look And You Know It.

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