Thursday, December 9, 2010

O' Christmas Tree, Part III

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We learned from our mistake last year, and lugged that tree inside before any blizzards or birthing got in our way.

Scott got his "burly man" on and carried the tree in himself.

He set it in our tree stand. Which, by the way, was an impulse buy when we purchased our very first tree in 2005. The owners of the tree farm really did a number on us. "You'll never need to buy another stand. It will last a lifetime. It's so easy to put together. You tree will look amazing. Your hair is gorgeous. Did I mention I love your coat?"

So, we caved and bought the tree stand. I think it was like $50 or something outrageous like that. It worked great the first year we used it, but then we didn't use it for a few years and well, to be honest, it's a tad complicated. With five different ropes and hooks and a pulley system, it took me some time to remember how to use it.

But I finally did, and Scott was only slightly annoyed with me as he held the tree in place until I figured it out.

We retrieved the box of decorations, opened the lid and got started.

Claire loved the idea of taking things out of the tote, so she helped, too. Including a glass snow globe. And a very breakable snowflake candle holder. I swear. Their parents really should be supervising them.

And Grace? Well, she wanted to help, too. Just as long as we were holding her.

Or letting her bang a piece of metal on the wood floor.

But their favorite part of the evening was when we forced them to take pictures with us in front of our first Christmas tree. They LOVED it.

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