Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Got milk?

Last week, I mentioned that we saw the doctor for our one-year checkup. I also mentioned how terrified the girls were of, well, everything. But what I didn't mention was how terrified I was when I left the office.

The doctor said it was time to switch from formula to cow's milk. If this change doesn't seem scary to you, you must not have a Grace. I have a Grace.

And Grace hates change.

She fought us when we changed her from preemie formula to regular formula.

She fought us when we wanted her to eat baby food.

She is currently fighting us on table food.

And yesterday when I tried to get her to drink milk, she looked at me like with eyes that said, "Are you drunk? You know I'm not going to drink that. I don't know why you even try."

But I tried anyway. And she gagged on it like it was the most foul substance I could give her.

I immediately went to the internet for help. Just about every site I went to said to gradually transition them with bottles of part formula, part milk. That made complete sense to me. The Internet's smarter than doctors, right?

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Anonymous said...

That is a scary face. I'm scared for you!