Monday, January 10, 2011

When It Rains, It Pours

Claire had a rough weekend. It started with a case of the measles. (Or some kind of viral infection that has similar symptoms to the rage virus.)

And then yesterday mid-morning, Claire stumbled and hit her head hard twice on the side of her crib. The fall left two welts and bruised up a nice purplish color.

Then when it was time to lay down and take a nap, she just stood in her crib and screamed. Mostly atypical for that time of day. It took a car ride to finally get her to zonk out.

Then mid-afternoon, she stepped on her pant leg and fell straight over (like a tree being chopped down) and took a bite out of the bottom shelf on the changing table. Our first ever injury with blood.

After she finally settled down, and I promised her she was going to be okay … that she could let go of my shirt … that I wouldn't let anything bad happen to her, she relaxed a bit.

I got up to change Grace's diaper and made sure Claire was stable as she stood next to me. I cleared all the toys out so she wouldn't trip. I laid her pillow pet behind her in case she tipped over. And I gave Grace my phone to look at while I changed her diaper.

Claire was just standing there, recuperating from all of her bonks and bruises and tumbles and trips and rashes and fevers and missed naps, holding on to my pant leg, knowing that I was there to save her if something bad was going to happen, when out of nowhere, a cell phone conks her on the head.

Some days, you just can't win.


Amy said...

Omigoodness!! Poor baby!! I hate days like that!

Kaelyn said...

OMG, poor pumkin. I was gonna say it's because she has her dads clumsy gene's, however the cell phone can't really be explained.