Monday, January 24, 2011


The Top Five Ways You Know You Have Strep Throat
(Even though your husband claims it's post-nasal drip irritation because "I had that last week and it's no big deal.")

1. You start spitting your extra saliva anywhere other than down your throat.

2. You ask to go lay down during prime baby playing time.

3. You start using sign language, which is especially fun for your husband, since you don't know sign language.

4. You hop in your car, race down the icy driveway, hoping to make it to the minor med office before they close.

5. The doctor looks at your throat and winces.

So, when I replied to Scott's theory that it was no big deal, I said, "But you weren't spitting your saliva into a cup."

He said, "That's because I have a higher pain tolerance than you."

Pain tolerance? Really? We're going there? Fine. Boom.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Bite me.

P.S. Please, oh, please, please, please cross your fingers these girls have strong immune systems. Or else have mercy on my soul.

1 comment:

H.E.A. said...

Any man who even dares to venture down the pain tolerance road with a woman who has given birth to even just one baby needs to be given the V8 forehead slap at the very mimimum!

Scott, dude, rethink that one :)