Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two Things

1. I love, love, love my husband. Yesterday, when Claire was refusing to take her only nap of the day, and I was preparing to have a mini-meltdown, he swept in, took Claire downstairs and gave me a much-needed break. I went down to check on them, expecting to find them playing, and I found them both asleep in the recliner, giving them both a much-needed nap.

2. I'm taking ALL advice and suggestions on what to do about a baby who still fights her nap about every other day. Have you had or do you know of people who have had one-year-olds who sometimes refuse to lay down? Please. Help. Me.


Scott said...

#2 sounds like a commercial for a personal injury firm seeking class action litigants. "Have you or anyone you know experienced exposure to sunlight leading to death or serious disability? Call the law firm of such-and-such NOW."

Anonymous said...

Let her cry herself to sleep. Period. You are enforcing a bad habit. It worked excellent for Bella.

Heather said...

Have you tried setting up nap time rituals? Sometimes a routine snack then reading the same three books, grabbing the same snuggly, & then laying down??? I don't know :( Dayton doesn't even sleep through the night but I've heard this works lol maybe I will try it!

Anonymous said...

I had kids who would not cry it out. They would cry until they vomited, and then I'd go in there, clean them up, and they'd just cry more. It was cruel and didn't work. I had more luck with the whole "sneak out the door" approach. Put baby in bed. Sit down somewhere in the room, reading or doing something uneventful. Don't look at the baby. Don't acknowledge the baby. After a bit, scoot closer to the door. After a bit longer, scoot more. And so on, and so on. Until you are out. As time goes on, you will need less time between scoots, until eventually you will be able to set her down and walk out.

Also-- does she have this problem at night? If not, maybe her room isn't dark enough? And I agree with the person who recommended a routine!

Good luck-- I know naptime is just as important for mommas as it is for babies!

Katie Tenbrink said...

-Dark room
-White noise (we have a fan running in each of our kid's rooms)
-blankie! (or some other lovie) Each of our kids have a special blankie. They bonded with it when they were infants. They have less separation anxiety because of the connection to the lovie.
-naptime routine (same as bedtime routine only a little bit shorter)...our naptime routine consists of a sippy cup with milk while I read a story...we use a small lamp for light and turn the fan sets the mood. Also, they do not take their milk with them to bed, but they can drink it while I read.
-consistency...if you try to let her cry it out, but give in, she will learn that all she has to do to get you in there is keep crying...make a decision about what you're going to do and stick with it!
-The book, "Good Night, Sleep Tight" by Kim West. My pediatrician recommended it to me when Brody was 9 months old. I call it my "Sleep Bible". It gives great information/tips about sleep. The method she suggests using is the same method as what growingapair suggested. She calls it "The Sleeplady's Shuffle". It's a great should get it (or borrow mine!)
-Know this are doing an awesome job. I don't know how you handle TWINS! Everything you have to deal with is twice as hard as when I had to deal with it, so be proud of yourself. You are doing great! Hang in there...this too, shall pass. :)