Monday, January 17, 2011

Pants Are Optional

Scott and I are about to embark on one huge adventure. Probably as life-altering as having the girlies. Okay, maybe not quite that life-altering. But it's a big change.

After many months of weighing our options and figuring our budget and scheduling babysitters for the girls, we decided we needed a change.

I could have started working full time and put the girls in daycare, but then nearly all of my paycheck would go to daycare costs. I would essentially be working to take care of other people's children so other people could take care of mine. That didn't make much sense.

So, we looked elsewhere. And we stumbled upon an opportunity that would work for us both professionally, the girls and our bank account.

But here's the life-altering part. It's a work-from-home kinda deal. Which is great for so many reasons.

1. We live in the boonies, so it will save on gas.
2. We will be home with the girls all day long to love and snuggle and watch them grow.
3. Scott and I will see each other more.
4. I don't have to shower as much.
5. It's a cool company that will harken back to my journalism days.

But it has its challenges, too.

1. We live in the boonies … hello, cabin fever.
2. We will be home with the girls all day … no break if they're having a bad day.
3. Scott and I will see each other more.
4. I don't have to shower as much.
5. I will miss my little kiddos at work, their great parents and my co-worker friends.

Making this decision was so hard. Will we end up hating each other? Will I end up selling the girls on eBay? Will I disappoint my soon-to-be bosses if the girls end up being more of a challenge than I think?

I hope not. I'm taking a leap of faith and trusting that we can make this work. Hoping the challenges aren't too much to overcome and getting excited for the perks of working from home.

Wish me good luck.


Unknown said...

Pants are optional? Clothes are optional! Kidding aside, I thought this post would be about Grace and Claire making the decision to ditch pants.

Good luck with the new job!

Katie said...

Thanks, Cook. And since we are working out of our sunroom (which in the winter is freeeeezing), pants aren't really even optional at this point. But we may re-examine our dress code policy when it warms up. :)

Rod Seel said...

You Can Do It!!!

Gina said...

You can do it!! You will do it!! Keep the faith and if ya need help....I remember how to get to your house now!!

Unknown said...

Cabin fever will definitely set in. It happened to me. However, after having worked from home for well over a year not, I've realized that you have a lot more fun when you do make it out of the house. My only suggestion? Have a door you can shut on your office.

Katie Tenbrink said...

What is the job? Good luck with everything!